Repurposed WordPress PressThis bookmarklet into a share button.
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Make it easier for others to quote you and your work in their blogs.


WordPress ships with a blog-specific Press This bookmarklet, which allows a blog author to select/highlight content from any website and quote it, with attribution, on their own WordPress blog.

This project extends Press This functionality in two ways:

  1. It moves the UI from the browser Favorites bar into the web itself, embeddable on any web page.
  2. It untethers the functionality from one specific WordPress server, instead allowing a viewer to specify their own WordPress server, wherever that may be.


I built this as a proof-of-concept based on a tweet to Mike Caulfield.


Simply add this to your HTML in the same way you would any other "Share" embed.

<div id="reblog-this-button" unselectable="on" class="unselectable"></div>
<script type="text/javascript">var wpPressThisButtonServer="";!function(d,i){if(!d.getElementById(i)){var j=d.createElement("script");;j.src=wpPressThisButtonServer+"/wp-pressthis-button.js?v=1";var w=d.getElementById(i);d.body.appendChild(j);}}(document,"reblog-btn-js");</script>


Store the contents of the src directory wherever you like, then change the wpPressThisButtonServer variable in the code snippet to match the hosting location.


Serve the button locally cd src && python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8000 and open http://localhost:8000/


You can try this yourself on any post on my blog, such as one describing a "fixed-effort" bicycle concept.

The blog URL is saved, so subsequent uses are streamlined:


Builds on the Press This code from Wordpress, so GPLv2.